We provide solutions for specific business processes including project manufacturing such as shipyard company. Shipyard company needs to manage their project, material planning, quality control, cost estimation, scheduling, etc to build or repair a ship.


Stay on top of projects with real-time, cross-functional reporting, includingmanufacturing and logistics management, cost accounting, controlling, and more.

Material management features, including order and stock-related production, mixed and variant production, and other production controls.

Increase planning efficiency with pool controls defined by the volume of work.

System recommends items and resources needed in the project.If an item needs to be outsourced, you can readily convert a productionorder to a purchase order. you can also consolidate purchase orders to the samesupplier into one order, further streamlining the purchasing process.

Planand execute quality tests during the material flow from the initial procuremen tand throughout the manufacturing process.

Prepare estimation for standard products or quotations for custom manufacturing orders and easily calculate profit margins.

Create custom dashboards to get a 360-degree view of your business and enhance cooperative reporting with flexible ad-hoc queries and analyses

View order times, lead times, transition periods, resource allocation, bills of materials and batch groups.

Review information about all service calls that were created, resolved,or closed on a specified date or within a range of dates. you can restrict the report to see service calls for a specific queue, technician, problem type,priority, item, or call status. you can choose whether to include a view of overdue calls.

track and maintain service calls by reviewing the call history related to a particular event. you can monitor the status of a call and assign it to individual technicians or maintain them in a team queue