Heavy Duty Rental

Heavy Duty Rental

Heavy Duty Rental

Rental industries face the challenge like managing complexities in scheduling, rental management, billing, asset management, etc. The equipment lifecycle management and planning are another primary pain area that rental industry have. Our solution enables you to manage equipment rental process for your business. Our solutions covers equipment planning management, equipment maintenance, order & reservation management, invoice, asset management and all other field of activities in rental service.


Allocate equipment to reservation order after entering items, quantities, rental period and service requirement.

Convert rental reservation into rental order and enter details of services required (delivery, installation, techical, operators, etc )

Enter billing period ( Dailly,Weekly or Monthly ), billing methods ( Advanced or post ), pricing.

Generate sevice work order to be integrated with rental order and capture all costs for rental order ( hours worked by each person for service performed )

Assign correct and available person to perform services required for rental order.

Capture all rental, services, expenses, and repair charge.

Having Sales Order in place you can print various forms, which could be modified to fit your renting documentation requirements

Enter returned equipments into inventory and inspection of equipments.Generate repair/maintenance order, generate scrap or loss charge and option to charge customer or internal account for repair.

Tracks equipments's elapsed time and operating hours.